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Our First Blog Entry

January 26, 2017

Well I think our little adventure is about to start... Today is the start of an adventure, a vision,  a dream... Look out Truro... HERE WE COME! :))

39 days later!

March 06, 2017

So, 39 days ago we launched an adventure that will send us into 2017 caffeine fuelled and full of doughnuts. Today we have reached another exciting milestone for our little adventure. We are so excited that we are getting closer to opening the doors to greet you all and serve you some deliciously tempting doughnuts and a great cup of amazingly tasty coffee! We are getting closer to the opening date and big launch. Keep checking back for the dates... we can't wait to see you ! :) xx

Why coffee is good for you!

March 06, 2017

Ask any coffee drinker and they’ll tell you: coffee has worthwhile benefits. Beyond the pleasant aroma and the morning pick-me-up, there is growing evidence that our coffee habits could actually be impacting our health… for the better!

So just how does coffee affect your well-being?

Have a read of this interesting article...


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April 14, 2017

Wow!!! We have just finished our very first week as Truro's first Coffee and Donut House. We can't say THANK YOU enough to all of our amazing customers this first week of our new adventure. Don't forget to like our Facebook page and review your experience with us! What an amazing week!! :)) xxx

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April 22, 2017

So, apparently Coffee not only help us function like reasonable humans on a daily basis and enables some of us to put our pants on the right way round, it also helps us with our beauty regime.  So here are a few thing Coffee can also help us with other than our basic functions in life:

1. Coffee brightens up your face

2. Coffee can boost your hair colour

3. Coffee reduces bags and darkness around your eyes

4. Coffee can reduce cellulite

5. Coffee soothes and calms skin

6. Coffee can improve circulation

Have a read here and see how Coffee can help you more...  :-)


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What’s behind Friday 13th?

October 13, 2017

So, today being the unluckiest day of the year, Friday 13th has had its fair share of bad press. There are many people fear the day looming, or book to go out, see friends, make plans but then realise that it’s “Friday 13th” and cancel. Some people genuinely refuse to leave their home in fear of what Friday 13th may bring… It can bring so much dread that there is officially a phobia of it, Triskaidekaphobia is the official name given to the fear or avoidance of the number 13.

So, who started the centuries old rumour that causes anxiety amongst us all this time after? Some will say that it comes from Christianity or our friendly neighbours, the Vikings. The name Friday comes from the Norse goddess Frigg (or Freyja) who was the goddess of love, beauty, war, death and magic, however, may people believed this day to be unlucky (especially for weddings) and according to records, mainly by Christians during the 17 th century.

There are, however, numerous possibilities as to where the unfortunate number 13 has been deemed unlucky, evil or satanic… the most popular theories stems from both Christians and the Norse. It’s considered that it’s miserable existence comes from the 13 people seated around the table at the Last Supper. Judas Iscariot was by tradition the 13th person to be seated to dine. The Vikings of more ancient times told a very similar story, according to their old Norse myths, 12 Gods were feasting at the banquet hall at Valhalla when Loki, the God of Mischief, showed up uninvited! Loki, being the dreaded unwelcome 13th guest, went on to convince the God of Winter (Hod) to murder the God of Good (Balder), with mistletoe no less, throwing all of Valhalla into mourning, once again convincing us that 13 is not a number of people you want sat around your dinner table…

Consequently… it should also be made clear that considering the bad press 13 has, in some ancient cultures, 13 is quite the opposite. In ancient Egypt, they believed that life was a spiritual journey spent in stages. They believed that 12 of those stages were spent in this life, and the final 13th stage was a joyous transformative ascension to an eternal afterlife. So, as much as it was associated with death, it was not in decay and fear but as acknowledgement of a glorious eternal immortality.

So, there you go. Friday 13th has been seen as unlucky for as far back as Jesus and Valhalla but the ancient Egyptians felt that is was their symbol of their transition into immortality. Maybe I won’t be inviting 13 guests around my Christmas dinner table this year in fear of the mistletoe being used in a murder investigation, but as for Friday 13th I think maybe it’s just a misunderstood reject of society, if it was Monday 13th I’d completely understand and wouldn’t even question it  after all, a Friday IS a Friday and we know what that means… Happy Friday everyone xx