Sixteen Fifty Two Team

We love making Coffee for the City that loves to drink it!



Born in Penzance and grew up in Truro, Amanda initially studied Law at Truro College and with the Open University, she has worked for local Solicitor firms and Property Experts in Truro. In 2011 she ventured into the motor trade for a few years until her dream came true in 2017 of opening her own Coffee Shop and the rest you know :)



Barbara has 12 years Barista experience working in local businesses from The Pumpkin Café at Truro Railway Station to Dunelm Mill Café. She is known as 'the mother' because she will try to 'mother' everyone who walks through the door :)



Charlie is an experienced Barista, making his mark originally in Starbucks and is now our genius Barista. He is currently on a gap year and is waiting to start his new adventure next year in Uni so at some point in the future of 2018 we will have to sadly say  goodbye, but for now we will keep him busy :) 


Sales Assistant

Imii is our resident 'dancer'. She spends her life dancing outside of work and pretty much most of the time she is at work too, Imii doesn't keep still but we love her in spite of this ;) You will always find Imii with a huge smile and lots to talk about.


Catering Assitant

Pryce is our silent 'trendy' member of the crew, but if you listen really carefully sometimes you will hear him whistling from the kitchen. Pryce is an amazing artist and maybe one day we will convince him to doodle on our walls for you to enjoy :)


(likes to think he is a)


Peter loves to tell you that he is the co-owner of Sixteen Fifty Two, however, Peter's real job is with BMW in Penryn. Amanda will gracefully disagree with his claim to co-ownership as it mainly consists of him trying to tell her where to put her furniture or how to design her website ;) albeit, he is a very useful DIY handyman so when you see a hole in the wall or the toilet seat has fallen off (again)... Peter is our 'man' :))